Tragus Piercing – The Most Important Informations

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Have you heard about tragus piercing? This article has outlined everything you need to know tragus piercing under these sub sections.


            What is Tragus Piercing ?
            –What is Anti Tragus Piercing ?
            –Types of Tragus Piercing Jewelry
            –Tragus Piercing Cost
            –Procedure of Tragus Piercing
            –Healing Time and Pain

            –Piercing Aftercare
            –Piercing Infection
            –35 Different Examples of Piercing Tragus Jewelry

What is Tragus Piercing ?

Tragus is a small and oval shaped cartilage flap located outside the ear canal. Most people undertake piercing on this part of the ear. This piercing is what we refer to as tragus piercing. Unlike nose piercing, this form of piercing requires some application of extra pressure on your ears. The tragus of your ear is normally thick and hard. Therefore, it requires some form of pressure during piercing. However, medical experts recommend that people should not attempt this procedure from their homes because it is likely to lead to various complications. It is always good that you seek for a well-trained and well-equipped person to help perform the process for the sake of your safety. Once you have visited a professional for tragus piercing, the following steps will be involved

What is Anti Tragus Piercing ?

The procedure involves the perforation of the cartilage fold located next to the tragus and earlobe. Most youths and young adults go for this form of piercing to express their personalities. Since it involves piercing of the cartilage, the procedure can invoke a great amount of pain on your body. However, people with higher thresholds are likely to experience less pain from the piercing. As seen among many people who have gone for piercing in the past, this procedure can lead to bleeding depending on the skills and your skin type. Before you go to any salon for piercing ensure that you find out whether the experts have adequate knowledge about the same. This will help you to avoid the many risks that accompany this procedure. In addition, proper care is very important if at all you want to realize faster healing after piercing.

Types of Tragus Piercing Jewelry

There are various kinds of jewelry that can be used after undertaking piercing. These jewelry are available in different sizes as well as shapes thus making it easy to choose that suits your needs and taste. It is wise to consult an expert to help you determine the right length of jewelry you need to use in order to avoid any form of infection that is likely to occur at some point in life. To get tragus jewelry without digging deeper into your pocket in order to pay for the same, you can check with online stores instead of the local stores for better deals. These stores have tragus jewelry of different design, colors, types as well as forms. Some of the popular tragus jewelry that you will come across include but not limited to the following

Studs – If you want to have a unique and sophisticated look after piercing, then you should consider ear studs. Studs are good sign of professionalism. In addition, they show a great sense of fashion and style when used properly.

stud piercing

Rings– Rings are among the most popular jewelry used when it comes to this form of piercing. They offer a wide range of styles that allow you to make your selection. You can choose from barbell rings, beaded rings and segment rings among others depending on your preference to maintain that attractive look that everyone around you will be admiring.

rings piercing

Barbell – anyone who wants to showcase his or her wild side of nature should go for the barbells. The exotic adornments are sold in various patterns and styles thereby making them to offer users with a unique and attractive look. You can choose barbells that match with your sense of fashion so that you maintain that charming look you are known for.

barbell piercing

Tragus Piercing Cost

tragus piercing cost

The cost of piercing depends on a number of factors. To start with, the location or city where you reside is among the factors that will influence the price of tragus piercing. There are places where piercing is more costly than others. In addition, if a professional does the piercing, then it will more costly. The jewelry type you are going to choose will also influence the cost you will incur when undertaking tragus piercing. After taking into account various factors, the price of piercing ranges between $ 15 and $ 50.

Procedure of Tragus Piercing

tragus piercing procedure

– Lie down straight with your back or facing upside down.

– To prevent damaging your ears in the process, the expert will place a cork in your ear canal.

– He or she will clean your ear thoroughly to remove any form of dirt. Dirt accumulated in the ear is likely to lead to infections. Infections not only delay the healing process but can also affect your health in different ways in the long run.

– Using a straight or curved hollow needle, the expert will pierce your tragus with some pressure. While piercing your tragus you are likely to witness some form of bleeding. This should not worry you as long as you are in the hands of a professional.

– The expert will insert a tragus jewelry into the area of the ear where piercing has been done.

The location of the tragus can be done on any side of your ears. The cartilage with a triangular shape in front of your ears is what we call the tragus. Unlike the ear lobe, this part is normally harder. This is the reason why you will experience some form of pain when undergoing the procedure. How will tragus piercing last? The duration taken by tragus piercing generally depends on different factors. One of the factors that influence this is the placement. When placed in a protected area, the piercing will last for a longer period when compared to one that has been exposed. In addition, piercing undertaken in an area with minimal movements lasts for a longer period. However, if your body is fond of ejecting the piercing after you have placed, there are minimal chances that it will stay for some time. Therefore, proper aftercare is very important when you want your tragus piercing to stay as long as you wish it to.

Healing Time and Pain

tragus piercing heal and pain

There is no doubt that piercing any part of your body in order to showcase a piece of jewelry will lead to some form of discomfort later on. However, the pain that occurs because of tragus piercing depends on several factors. One of the things that will influence the amount of pain you are going to experience after undertaking this procedure is the level of skill of the person doing it. A skilled person understand what he or she can do in order to alleviate any form of pain that is likely to occur.

Generally, these individuals are persons with the right skills on how they can get the job done with the professionalism it deserves. Besides that, different persons have different levels of endurance when it comes to discomfort and pain. While some people can endure a great amount of pain on their bodies, there are those who cannot withstand this. In addition, the tragus jewelry you are going to apply also plays an immense role in the alleviation of pain. Straight accessories such as barbell are likely to lead to lesser pain when compared to a beard ring. The process generally does not lead to excessive pain as long as it is undertaken in a professional manner.

However, there are some people who find it very uncomfortable to undertake this procedure. This makes it very tricky to deal with such persons. Therefore, anyone who lacks the courage is not advised to go for tragus piercing because she or he might not manage to bear the pain that accompanies it. In addition, piecing does not hurt greatly because only a few nervous tend to end here. People bleed on different extents depending on the location of the blood vessels within their bodies. However, the bleeding takes a few minutes to stop once the experts have completed piercing. To some people bleeding can take longer than normal. If this takes place, the expert have adequate knowledge on how to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

This is yet another reason why it is wise to seek for professional help rather than performing the process yourself from the comfort of your home when you do not have skills and the right equipment for doing the job.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

aftercare traugus

Care is very essential after going for piercing. Proper care will ensure faster and safe healing. There are a number of things you need to do for your own good. Some of them include the following.

– Keep the area where piercing has been done clean all the times in order to ensure that you have faster as well as worry free healing process. To do this, you have to prepare everything you need for the healing process including disinfectants, cotton balls and saline solution among others before going for the procedure. Saline solution can be prepared using sea salt and distilled water.

– Ensure that you have washed your hands thoroughly using soap and clean water. Dry them properly with a clean piece of cloth before proceeding to any other step. Soak a piece of clean white cotton ball in the prepared solution and then apply the same on the pierced area. Make sure that the solution seeps through the hole created after piercing. If possible, you can twist your earing gently and then do so evenly so that you can distribute the solution in the area evenly. Perform the cleaning two or three times daily for faster and safer healing to take place.

– Avoid touching the area where piercing has been done with dirty hands because it can lead to infection thus causing more health related complications in the long run.

– Ensure the area you are sleeping is kept clean all day long to avoid any infection. Change your pillows frequently to ensure ultimate safety at the end of the day. Do not touch your ears every now and then even when you are sleeping

– Expect the development of a layer of crust around your earrings. The crust is transparent in appearance and the presence shows that the process of healing is going on as expected Do attempt to scrape off the crust because of discomfort. Doing so can lead to more problems including itchiness among others.

– Do not put any clothing that can scratch the area because it can cause more harm

– Use your mobile phone carefully when it is time to answer your calls so that you do not injure yourself in the process.

Tragus Piercing Infection

tragus piercing 1

There is nothing bad like a piercing infection. In order to quicken the healing process, it is wise to ensure proper aftercare is undertaken. The duration of healing is determine by the type of your skin. Other conditions such as immunity and health related disorders also influence the healing duration. It is important to maintain a high level of tidiness and cleanliness in the piercing region using a cotton ball dipped in a salt solution. Apply the solution carefully and thoroughly until it enters the region with pierce hole. Avoid frequent change of jewelry as much as you can to prepare more problems. Before you change your jewelry, find time and talk to a dermatologist so that he or she can advise you on the best practices that you need to embrace for better and faster healing.

35 Different Examples of Piercing Tragus Jewelry

Choosing the best piercing tragus jewelry can be among the most daunting tasks especially when you are a novice. There are different things you need to look at before buying tragus jewelry. These jewelry come in different sizes and shapes. This makes it simpler to choose the right jewelry for your ears. In case you have been wondering which the best jewelry to buy is, consider any of the following pieces. To purchase these jewelry, you can check with online stores for better deals instead of moving up and down the busy streets looking for the same.



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