The 11 World’s weird vegetables for your culinary experience

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Vegetables form a crucial part in our daily diets as they are important sources of vitamins. Just in case you are bored with the usual vegetable varieties, the world is full of healthy, exotic, and very nutritious fruits and vegetables for your change of diet. Here is a guide to some of the weird vegetables you have probably never eaten or seen in the world. 


The World’s weird vegetables for your culinary experience

#1 Romanesco

weird vegetables 1 romanesco

Romanesco is an exotic version of the conventional cauliflower. Some people find it difficult to distinguish this unique vegetable from either broccoli or cauliflower. Some attribute the taste to a unique blend of both cauliflower and broccoli. Romanesco is a green colored vegetable with spirals that give it an intricate appearance.

#2 Samphire

weird vegetables 2 samphire

Samphire is sometimes referred to as sea asparagus, Salicornia or sea beans. It is a rugged vegetable that almost resembles the asparagus or the desert cactus. It grows naturally and can sometimes be grown in saltwater farms. It can also grow naturally in rocky areas near large water bodies such as oceans. Samphire is mostly eaten as the vegetable complement for fish. It is also served together with salad dishes. 

#3 Yardlong

weird vegetables 3 yardlong

Yardlongs are sometimes referred to as Chinese long beans. These Chinese beans are rich in fibre and essential vitamins. They are natively found in Southeast Asia. When grown, they develop so rapidly that notable growth can be seen from day to day.

Yardlongs are prepared like bean pods. They have the same taste as the bean pods and are often used to complement the Asian stir-fry.

#4 Oca

weird vegetables 4 oca

Oca is a root vegetable that was first grown in South America. To date, it remains the second root vegetable consumed locally in South America after potatoes. It is also grown in New Zealand. Oca is a highly nutritious root vegetable rich in Iron, Vitamin C and Potassium. Oca exists in different varieties and different flavors. They are far much sweeter than potatoes.

#5 Celeriac

weird vegetables 5 celeriac

For anyone looking for the best alternative to a potato, the Celeriac is a delicious root vegetable to try out. It is an excellent source of fibre and is mostly available in Europe. Celeriac has very low starch content and is thus ideal for people seeking to cut the starch intake in their daily diet.

#6 Dulse

weird vegetables 6 dulse

This is a form of seaweed mostly found in the Northern Atlantic region. It is highly rich in fibre, vegetable protein and Vitamin B. Dulse also helps keep goiter away since it contains iodine. The seaweed can best be served with casseroles or soup.

#7 Kohlrabi

kohlrabi isolated over white background

This unique vegetable resembles the wild cabbage. As one of the world’s weird vegetables, it is rated among the top healthy foods available. Kohlrabi is mostly found in India.

#8 Kai-lan

Kai-lan is a highly nutritious leafy green vegetable. In most American restaurants, it is popularly called Chinese broccoli. It can be complemented with salad or any other meal that incorporates broccoli. 

#9 Nopales

weird vegetables 9 nopales

Nopales is an exotic vegetable popularly consumed in Mexico. It is derived from a unique form of cactus. The fleshy part of the cactus is only edible after the spikes are completely removed. It can also act as a vegetarian alternative.

 #10 Fiddleheads

weird vegetables 10 fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are traditionally consumed in New England as boiled vegetables in a salad or with butter. Unlike other weird vegetables, fiddleheads are not cultivated. They mostly grow naturally in their wild habitat. Some varieties of fiddleheads are quite poisonous and not really edible. They are rich in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids.

#11 Sunchoke

weird vegetables 11 sunchoke

Sunchoke is at times referred to as Jerusalem anti choke. It is natively found as an exotic vegetable in North America. It has low starch content and can be used as an important ingredient for the manufacture of alcoholic beverages.


A Culinary adventure is an awesome experience. Other than the usual carrots, lettuce, potatoes and many other vegetables frequently consumed, a change of taste is worth taking. Next time you walk into a restaurant, you may explore any of these amazing, yet weird vegetables.

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