Chinese 5 spices – Did you know them?

5 chinese spices


Some kind of species comes from Asia can be found in China, Japan or Korea. I want to describe 5 the most important of them. As we know from our experience savour food improve flavor. Check out with this 5 spices come from Asia, and try to experiment in your kitchen.

Chinese 5 Spices

#1 Rice Vinegar

chinese 5 spice white red black rice vinegar

Rice Vinegar – produced in China, Japan and Korea from fermented rice or rice wine. We mark out 3 types of this soses:
– White Rice Vinegar similar product to simple vinegar (but it taste milder). This product is transparent like a water, and used to sweat&sour meals or marinating vegetables.
– Black  Rice Vinegar this type is the most valued vinegar (matures several years) from Zhenjiang. People used this dark sos to fried meals and other sauces.
– Red Rice Vinegar is replacement of black vinegar version (after add little amount of sugar). Used to meals with pasta, fishes, seafood and other sauces.

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#2 Hoisin Sauce

5 chinese spices hoisin sauceHoisin Sauce – it is thick, dark coloured in appearance, sweet and salty in taste sauce commonly used in Chinese cuisine as a glaze for meat. This sauce doesn’t contain any seafood ingredients (name can mislead gourmets).



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#3 Oyster Sauce

5 chinese spices oyster sauce

Oyster Sauce – this sauce balances sweet and salty. Made from salt, sugar, water thickened with cornstarch and flavoured with oyster essence or extract. Few versions can be darkened with caramel, but high quality oyster sauce is naturally dark. This type of sauce is used to flavour meat and vegetables.

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#4 Soy Sauce

5 chinese spices soy sauceSoy Sauce – made from a fermented paste of boiled soybeans. Used to flavour soups and meat. This sauce is known on the whole world and originated in China sometime between the 3rd and 5th century from a meat-based fermented sauce named jiang.


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#5 Sichuan Pepper

Sichuan Pepper – this is the last species from Asian area which you need to try to your dishes and meals. Aroma of this pepper is lemon and peppery, and it got characteristic “mouth-numbing” flavour. If you like this kind of spices just add it to meals.

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