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We asked 50 peppers and seeds shops “Why people should buy in your shop”, only 8 of them response in 24-48 hours. Find something for you and make order.

South Devon Chilli Farm

Why should people buy chilli seeds at the South Devon Chilli Farm?

“We stock over 50 varieties from heatless to incredibly hot, small to very large, for cooking, stuffing and drying. We also sell over 40 varieties of chilli seedlings and plants and chilli-growing equipment and are always on had to offer advise based on over 10 years’ experience of growing over ten tonnes of chillies a year on our farm. We have a café and farm shop onsite, a children’s play area, plant nursery and Chilli Display.”


Rare Seeds

We offer an excellent collection of many different pepper types from around the world: from crisp, sweet bells to fiery jalapenos, to the super-hot types like Scorpion and Ghost peppers. When customers shop with us, they have the comfort of knowing we’ve subscribed to the Safe Seed Pledge, and that all our varieties are open-pollinated and non-GMO types. They also get the benefit of our near-twenty year track record of quick and reliable service and customer satisfaction.

Colorful, free catalog sent upon request, or shop our site year-round.



The Victory Seeds Company

“The Victory Seed Company is an independent, farm-based, family owned and operated organization working to protect threatened seed varieties from becoming extinct. We work with cherished family heirlooms, rare old commercial releases, as well as newer interesting varieties. All of the seeds we offer are open-pollinated, non-hybrid, non-GMO and not chemically treated. Our mission is focused on cultivar accuracy, seed quality, customer support and of course, keeping these vegetable, herb, and flower seeds available to home gardeners. It is through the support of your purchases that we are able to continue our seed variety preservation work. We also support the work of many charitable organizations by annually donating seeds for their outreach and educational programs. Along with our secure online seed store and shopping cart system (, we have an informational web site ( that provides seed saving, general gardening and other related information. We hope that you will stop by one of our web resources and get to know us better. We look forward to being of service to you.”




Seeds Now

We take great pride in our pepper seed collection. One thing that separates us from the rest is that we only offer pure heirloom/heritage varieties that have not been hybridized. Always pure, raw, and totally un-treated.

The best part about our offerings is that packs only start at $0.99 so it’s not a heavy investment for growers to try new pepper varieties.

Here is a link to our pepper seed collection:


Fire House Chilli

Firehouse Chilli exports the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers grade A chili’s to all corners of the globe. Our customers demand the finest, purest, highest concentration of capsaicin and exquisite flavor in our chili peppers .
Our freshly harvested chilli pepper stock variety is Grade ‘A” Ghost Pepper also know as Naga Ghost Chili,Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Trinidad Butch T, Brain Strain, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion 7 Pod Jonah and Chocolate 7 Pot Douglah. All come in dried Pods, Powder and Flakes. Our “HELLFIRE” Pure Capsicum Oleoresin Chili Pepper Extract at 3,100,000 6,100,000, SHU, and pure Capsaicin crystals is not for the fainthearted.

” Superhot’s” chili pepper is one that scores in excess of one million SHU. Firehouse Chilli’s “superhot chili” is unlike anything you will ever experience, the desirable holy experience of the capsaicin rush that is delivered longer and full body.Its also the gorgeous vibrating chord of flavors that enhances the flavor of any dish. The taste is so good one almost becomes addicted. Ignite your senses- order now.


Seed Man has one of the largest pepper seed collections on the web with over 200 pepper seed selections including hard to find super hot varieties. All of our seeds are in stock and orders normally ship the day after order is placed.

All seeds are from the latest harvest and carry a complete satisfaction guarantee. We have been selling these seeds for over 25 years now.


 The Pepper Gal

We are probably one of the smallest of your selected seed companies but we have more  varieties than the majority of the others.  I was asked by one of the biggest “why are our customers telling us you have better germination rates than we do?”  They didn’t like my answer as it was not something they were willing to copy. We hand count and pack our seeds, eliminating any seeds that obviously don’t look good.  You can’t do that when you are packing by machine count and you don’t include any extras.  We also advise our customers (especially beginners) to use a teaspoon of salt petre (potassium nitrate) in a quart of water to help speed up germination which as you are no doubt aware, can be very slow for hot peppers.  This speed up creates a shorter germination time which can be devastating to hot pepper seeds.  Unlike radishes and carrots for example, peppers require a warm environment, very moist conditions which easily leads to seed rot the longer they need to germinate.  This is no longer easy to obtain so we sell a teaspoon for $1.00 which is enough for all your seeds as you only need to soak them in the solution for 4 to 8 hours.  The remaining solution can be used to keep them moist (very carefully).  We have been in business for 25 years now and will be adding to our over 200 varieties of peppers for the next season.  We also carry a few special varieties of tomatoes, herbs and gourds for the convenience of our customers.


Peppers by Mail

Peppers by Mail is one Mama, one Papa, and two kids working own land with occasional help from friends.  We use chicken and duck as pesticide.  The strongest herbicide we use to clear a field are goat and sheep.  The only herbicide we use once plants are established is hard work and lots of natural mulch.  If this is the type of business you prefer, then we might be the seed dealer you have been looking for.

We offer a good product at a fair price.  However, we do not think all people should purchase from us.  In the world of business, we are fairly unusual.  Instead of dollar signs in our eyes, our focus is on forming symbiotic relationships with our customers.

We think of customers more as patrons.  With each purchase, our patrons allow us to continue to raise our children in the environment we feel
best.  An environment which stresses honest work and fair exchange while living in harmony with our crops and critters.

With our patrons, we share our ups and our downs.  During a recent hospital stay, I received cards, flowers, pizza, and a pirate hat from
folk I met via sales and email questions.  Today, a person can find many a photo of me wearing that pirate hat because the gesture meant so very much.  Today, I rarely garden without it.

The bulk of our sales are fresh produce, hence the business name Peppers by Mail.  We start shipping each year around July as the pods ripen up.
We do not accept preorders, so when you order fresh peppers from Peppers by Mail your order can go out the next morning.  If it is not ready in the
garden, it is not offered on our web site.

Our seed offering comes from the same stock we grow in isolation and use to create our own crops.  We grow everything we sell here on our homestead based farm.  Our original seed stock is sourced from around the world, often via friendly trades.  So each year we offer something new and unusual.  With each trade, our eleven year old daughter and I push a pin into a world map.  She is the brains of the operation.

My nine year old son is our labor force and support staff.  I tend to plant myself while planting, my son brings to me the trays of plants ready
to go into the ground.  When planting seeds, he is always there with a mason jar of iced tea made by his mother.

It is a good life and I am thankful to each patron that allows my family to live this way.  I am also thankful for this opportunity to reach potential patrons.


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